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Stands for California Consumer Privacy Act. Passed by California, the regulation went into effect in January 2020. It allows readers to know what personal data is collected and opt out of the sale of their data. Publishers have been using CMP for manage consent from their readers.


A combination of a human brain and a computer intelligence is known as a centaur. Adding human intelligence to AI-enabled technology has many benefits in the programmatic ad space. Our Smart Path Optimization Technology (SPOT) has predictive analytics built-in and learns over time. SPOT doesn’t replace human insight, it automates optimizations at every level and …

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Click Through Rate (CTR)

Expressed as a percentage of total impressions, this statistic shows how often people who are served an ad end up clicking on it.

CMP (Consent Management Platform)

A CMP is a tool to manage consent from users for government regulation such as GDPR and CCPA. The CMP is configurable by the publisher and ensures that users are properly presented with consent options, that the consent is retained


When launching a campaign, advertisers select a specific action or set of actions they want audiences to take. Each time a member of the audience takes this action, it is counted as a conversion. Conversions include actions such as signing up for a newsletter, or making a purchase on a website.

Conversion Tracking

Monitoring how many conversions have occurred during any specific time period, and analyzing which ads led to the conversions.


Cookies, often referred to as HTML cookies, HTTP cookies, Internet cookies, or browser cookies, are small text files used to identify individual users browsing the web. Cookies allow each site to recognize a user as the same person that has visited the site before.There are different types of cookies – technically similar, but with different …

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CPM (Cost per Thousand)

Metric that shows how much it costs to serve 1,000 ad impressions. Also used as a standard measure for buying display ads, as inventory is generally sold on a CPM basis.