How it Works

You're in the driver's seat, we're your co-pilot

We drive your programmatic revenue – grow it, optimize it, adapt with the market. 

Pubwise is the perfect tool for online publishers of all sizes. If you want to monetize your site with online ads, we’ve got the secret sauce. Regardless of how technical you and your team are, we provide one source of data for all your demand sources.

PubWise provides transparent, detailed reporting for your revenue and all of your Header Bidding bids, requests, responses, bids won down to the ad unit level. We make it easy to drill down into the details, as well as see the big picture. Here are a few of our favorites:



This report is a favorite because it allows you to look at all your bidders holistically with a sortable table and multiple visualization options. Truly understand how each bidder interacts with your inventory. 

This scatter plot shows all your bidders on one landscape. Compare won bid behavior from multiple demand partners. 


Evaluate the top performing content from a monetary perspective. And understand which of your content is not just bringing in traffic, but also producing revenue. Bid reporting can help you discover how to optimize for the higher bids. 



PubWise is not an ad network. We provide header-as-a-service which is beyond header bidding 

We are known best for customizing your solution specifically for your needs. 

It’s not hard at all. We completely remove the complexity of Header Bidding setup by handling the entire process for you. You can be operating in minutes.

PubWise removes the need to manually configure Prebid.js or any other wrapper. The only thing you need to do is add the script we supply to your site and update your ads.txt.

We can use your demand sources, our demand sources, or any combination of the two. 

You still own and maintain all of your ad inventory. Direct campaigns can be set up the same way you always have.

Yes! You maintain ownership and control. We will work with you on the ad placements you want and will make recommendations. We will never put ads on your site you do not want.

There are really 4 considerations that should drive your selection: 

  • Ownership and Control – one size doesn’t fit all – be sure the technology you select gives you the ownership and control you demand while having experts to manage and assist.
  • Innovation is critical in programmatic, given its continuous adaptation and evolution with regards to data privacy and regulations.
  • Observability is more than transparency. How willing is your partner to share the information you require to optimize performance? Are their scripts light and agile, do they have stats that show how they compare to the competition? PubWise does!
  • Trust builds over time, but in the beginning of a relationship with a new partner, you should always look at the company they currently keep? Who do they currently work with? What is their role in the industry ecosystem? 

We are a trusted Channel Partner with Google MCM,  AdX, and Open Bidding and can grant you access if needed. But if you already have your own account, no worries, we don’t take a percentage of your revenue! 

You must agree to our Terms of Service and Billing Agreement, but you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. We do not have any long term commitments because we know that the value of our product will shine through. If you feel PubWise isn’t the right fit for you, just let us know. No strings attached.

You are in complete control over how long you run PubWise. However, we strongly recommend at least 60 days of use so we can bring on all possible partners and you can properly see lift in your ad revenue.

It takes a few days once you have placed the PubWise script on your site for our partners to start coming online. Once they go live, you will start seeing bids and paid impressions immediately.

We’ve collected some answers to common questions our customers have. Need help with something but don’t see an answer listed here? Contact us. We’re happy to help.