Glossary Terms Category: A

Ad Impressions

The number of times an ad has been served, regardless of whether the user has actually seen or interacted with the ad in any way.

Ad Inventory

Website publishers serve ads to visitors when they visit a web page. The number of potential ads that can be served is considered their ad inventory.

Ad Targeting

Delivering ads to a pre-selected audience based on various attributes, such as geography, demographics, psychographics, web browsing behavior and past purchases.

Ad Unit

A size-and-format specification for an ad. The Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade association promoting digital ad standard and practices, has a set of guidelines for sizes.


A person or entity looking to buy ad inventory from publishers. Also known as: “buy side” or “demand side.”


Also known as Google AdX and now Google Ad Manager. The naming has gotten complicated, but the plain language way to describe AdX is that it’s Google’s CPM based DSP. AdX offers options like Dynamic Allocation in Google Ad Manager and is how Open Bidding (formerly EBDA) is activated. PubWise is an Google MCM Channel …

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AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages)

An approach to mobile focused delivery championed by Google that focused on improving load times and predictable rendering. Google largely used its market weight to test out the approach and it has sense been folded into other more traditional approaches. AMP is still used by many publishers but has been coitized for creating capture into …

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In dictionary terms analytics is the science of analysis. In more useful terms analytics is the presentation of data in ways that allows humans to make decisions.