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A term coined by economist Herbert Simon in 1957, combining the words satisfy and suffice to describe a decision-making process in which an individual makes a choice that is satisfactory rather than optimal. Widely used in many disciplines including computer science, behavioral science, philosophy, and economic research in decision-making, game theory, optimization and utility management. …

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Second Party Data

Second party data is first party data shared or purchased through explicit, safeguarded channels. Often second party data sharing is between business divisions or products within the same company but can also be between separate companies. Unlike shared 3rd party data the data sharing is negotiated with the entity that have the data and the …

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Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT)

Our Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT) uses machine learning to shrink the infrastructure cost of serving ads, improving revenue for publishers while simultaneously slashing bid volume to improve value delivered to advertisers. It dramatically increases the breadth and depth of optimization without increasing latency or increasing bid request volumes for impressions that have low likelihood …

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SSP (Supply Side Platform)

An SSP primarily focuses on tools for publishers and presenting supply to demand side partners. The SSP presents multiple supply partners (websites, apps, etc.) to multiple demand partners. An SSP is the mirror of a DSP in the primary market relationship in advertising.

Sticky Ad

A sticky ad moves with the user on the page. PubWise employs various techniques like Lazy Loading, Sticky Ads, Viewable Refresh and more to ensure the value of inventory is retained by improving viewability.

Supply Path Optimization

Supply path optimization is a group of related activities that improve the problems of auction duplication and increase the quality of supply that is presented to the demand side. This is largely a demand side activity, but pairs with Demand Path Optimization. At PubWise our Smart Path Optimization technology works across the Supply Path and …

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