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PubWise does not work with pop-under ads. Identical to a pop-up except it loads under your current webpage. It is generally assumed to be less intrusive than a pop-up because visitors often do not see it until after they have clicked to close their current browser session.


PubWise does not work with pop-up ads. Opens in a new browser window that loads on top of the current webpage. Pop-ups are operated by script (e.g., Javascript); thus, can be blocked (and commonly are) by a wide variety of available software.


Prebid typically refers to activity which happen before the Demand side bid is placed. Activities like Prebid fraud blocking or prebid data enrichment.


Prebid.js grew out of a need for an improvement to the waterfall approach for advertising auctions. The waterfall approach was inefficient primarily due to sequential offering of inventory to demand partners. Prebid.js changed this process to a parallel auction where multiple demand partners are offered inventory at the same time. Pubwise offers a Header as a …

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Prebid.js Adapter or Bid Adapter

A bid adapter allows the client side Prebid.js to talk to the bidding, SSP or demand side platform. Often this is a connection to an SSP, but can be any system that bids on the inventory. Each SSP has their own bid adapter. Visit our Publisher solutions to learn more about or Prebid Bid Adapter.

Programmatic Media Buying

An automated method of buying media which ensures that advertisers are reaching the right person, at the right time, in the right place. The ads are bought based on a set of parameters predefined by the company placing the ads. Programmatic advertising uses data to make decisions about which ads to buy in real time, …

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No, not the kind that prints books. A site or an application with ad space for sale. AKA “sell side” or “supply side.”