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Viewable CPM is the cost per 1000 viewable impressions. It is related to CPM, but only for viewable impressions. When advertising is sold this cost metric is used to describe selling only viewable impressions which are impressions that cross an agreed upon viewability threshold. PubWise employs various techniques like Lazy Loading, Viewable Refresh and more to ensure …

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View Through

Used to measure consumer behavior after they have been served an ad. If the view through window is set to 90 days, relevant actions made by the consumer within that time period can be attributed to the ad.


Defined by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and the MRC (Media Rating Council) viewabiltiy is a measure of whether an ad is, or reasonably can assumed to be, seen by a visitor. The baseline for viewability is 50% of the ad is on the screen for 1 second. PubWise employs various techniques like Lazy Loading, Viewable …

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Viewable Refresh

In the simplest of terms, a viewable refresh is an ad unit that only refreshes when in view to the user.  The industry standard definition of “viewability” for digital ads, defined by the MRC (Media Ratings Council) standard for “viewability”, states that 50% of the pixels of the ad must be in view for 1 …

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