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Also known as “display ads”, banner advertisements are a form of graphical ads embedded into a web page, typically including a combination of static/animated images, text and/or video designed to convey a marketing message and/or cause the user to take an action. Banner dimensions are typically defined by width and height, represented in pixels.

Beyond Human Capability®

The concept became mainstream back in the seventies when USAF Colonel Steve Austin was portrayed as The Six Million Dollar Man and Jaime Sommers’ superpowers were on display in The Bionic Woman. Both series were based on the 1972 novel Cyborg by Martin Caidin.Fast forward to 2022, machine learning and artificial intelligence are real. Artificial …

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Technology that buys inventory on ad exchanges.


An ad unit designed with options for rich interactivity to display prominently inline with Publishers’ webpage content. A distinct feature of the Billboard is a close button that a user may click to collapse the ad completely if the user doesn’t want to see the ad.

The Bilan Carbone Method

“In France, ADEME published in 2004 a methodology for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions for organizations, called the Bilan Carbone®. This method is today coordinated and disseminated by the Association Bilan Carbone. The Bilan Carbone® method takes account of all greenhouse gases defined by the IPCC for all physical flows without which the organization could not …

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