Navigating Cookie Deprecation: How PubWise has Adapted and Continues to Innovate

One of the primary constants in digital advertising is rapid change. One of these changes that pose significant challenges to publishers and advertisers alike, is the impending deprecation of third-party cookies. With major web browsers phasing out these tracking tools, PubWise has been working on developing and implementing strategies and solutions to navigate this new reality. In this blog post, we let you know how PubWise has adapted to the cookie deprecation and embraced technologies to ensure the continued effectiveness and adaptability of our platform.

What is the Real State of Things? 

Cookie deprecation has been in the process for a long time with a planned, slow rollout that has been pushed back several times. 

Because Chrome is the biggest browser, we look to Google’s official schedule. As of today in March 2024, Google is planning on finishing testing phasing out cookies by Q4 of 2024.This is not the full rollout and the process has only just begun. Google has not provided a percentage based schedule, but has turned off 1% in January. 

However, Google is very clear that only after their consultation with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in Q3 will they plan on disabling cookies. The concerns of the Privacy Sandbox and resolution of the competition concerns will be addressed before cookies can be deprecated

Embracing Machine Learning

The integration of machine learning software offers exciting opportunities for targeted advertising and audience segmentation, all while respecting user privacy preferences. 

One of our core optimization technologies was built and designed early in PubWise’s development. PubWise’s Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT) is our own developed, proven, and patented machine learning software that functions in the browser and, most importantly, without cookies. It is included in our Managed and Cloud products. SPOT automatically adapts to the user and provides an uniquely configured header bidding configuration in order to gain the highest CPM and improve user experience. 

Incorporating First-Party Data  

By leveraging data collected directly from website visitors, publishers can maintain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences without relying on cookies. This includes looking at capturing user consent and enhancing data collection mechanisms on websites. Examples include user registration, audience segmentation, and contextual data. 

Exploring Alternative Tracking & Identity Technologies

In response to the limitations imposed by cookie deprecation, PubWise has explored all available alternative tracking technologies. 

PubWise has integrated with many identity solutions that provide alternative IDs to cookies. These partnerships facilitate the use of deterministic and probabilistic identifier to enable target advertising and measurement in a privacy-compliant manager. The SSPs are able to use these identifiers to help serve relevant ads. 

Alternative IDs and cohort-based analysis are just a few other examples of the innovative approaches continuing to be developed to enable effective ad targeting and measurement in a cookie-less environment. These technologies aim to provide publishers and advertisers with actionable insights while prioritizing user privacy and data protection.

Leveraging PAPI Support in Prebid

One of the key advancements in the realm of header bidding technology is the integration of Privacy-First Audience Personalization Interface (PAPI) support in Prebid. PAPI offers a privacy-centric alternative to traditional cookie-based targeting, allowing publishers to deliver relevant ads based on contextual signals and anonymized user data. By harnessing the power of PAPI support, PubWise can ensure that their platforms remain effective and compliant in a post-cookie world.

PAPI support is fairly new and not yet fully supported by SSPs in all respects. PubWise will continue to implement as available. 

Collaborating for Success

In the face of cookie deprecation, collaboration is key. We are actively partnering with industry stakeholders, including browser vendors, regulatory bodies, and identity resolution providers, to develop privacy-preserving standards and guidelines. By working together, we can ensure that the transition away from cookies is as smooth and seamless as possible, for the benefit of both publishers, advertisers, and users.


There will be cookie depreciation, however, it is still in process and subject to change. As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, PubWise has risen to the challenge of cookie deprecation with innovation and determination. With the development of SPOT and by embracing first-party data, leveraging PAPI support in Prebid, and collaborating with industry partners, we are ensuring revenue maximization while maintaining privacy. PubWise has used it’s innovation and adaptability to pave the way for real solutions and enhanced user experience and will ensure our customers are covered with the most up-to-date solutions.

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