PubWise Offers a New Approach to Header Bidding Implementation and Analytics

PubWise Header Bidding Solution

Now leaving its early access phase, PubWise is available to the public and is offering a free analytics package for publishers that provides advanced analytics to gain insight on their current header bidding setup and easily identifies areas to improve upon.

The digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving, and publishers are left scrambling to stay current in this rapidly changing technology. For publishers with online ad inventory for sale, header bidding revolutionized the legacy programmatic advertising structure that left money on the table. However, getting started with header bidding is time consuming and difficult to manage for publishers without a savvy internal development team and delivering robust analytics for a header bidding implementation is an equal challenge.

“As publishers, we kissed a lot of frogs in our search for a header bidding solution that provided the level of ease and detail we wanted. Our search kept coming up short or the companies we partnered with couldn’t deliver what they promised,” said Stephen Johnston, Jr. Founder and CTO of PubWise. “Finally, we said enough is enough. We hunkered down and used our 20+ years of experience in web/software development to build the tool we needed: PubWise.”

Launch Media Network (LMN), the parent company for several online sites including Gamer Launch and GameSkinny, is built upon making complex programs or concepts more accessible for the general public. In their latest endeavor, LMN created PubWise to make essential and easy-to-use header bidding management tools available to publishers looking to increase CPM and fill rates for their ads.

PubWise is an application that manages the entirety of header bidding technology for any website(s). Publishers can eliminate long setup times and maximize their current strategies by using PubWise’s suite of services. Features include instant configuration, discrepancy tracking, transparent across-the-board analytics, essential reporting, demand source management, and an alternative to the revenue limitations associated with the programmatic waterfall structure. PubWise can be used along with a publisher’s existing ad setup, so no updates are required to demand sources or direct campaigns. The header technology only operates when a bid beats existing advertising. As such, it poses zero risk to publishers.

“When we created PubWise, it was a continuation of our legacy of helping people accomplish the things that matter to them,” said Johnston. “We know that PubWise will prove to be a valuable tool for publishers looking to evolve their digital advertising strategy.”

For those new to header bidding or seeking to ramp up their existing ad strategy, PubWise encourages publishers to set up a call to see how header bidding can assist them in reaching their revenue goals. 

About PubWise

Established in 2016 in the “Silicon Valley of the South”, PubWise is a revolutionary SaaS product that manages the entire Header Bidding technology for publishers and is virtually guaranteed to increase advertising revenue. PubWise eliminates long setup times, optimizes ongoing management, provides best in-class data analytics, and uses real-time optimizations powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

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