PubWise Addresses Explosion of Bid Volume in Header Bidding with Smart Path Optimization Technology

ATLANTA, April 11, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — PubWise, the leading Header Bidding Ad Server SaaS provider, announced today the availability of their patent-pending Smart Path Optimization Technology™ (SPOT™). SPOT aligns the interests of publishers and demand partners by ensuring that distinct audiences are delivered optimal header bidding configurations. Driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, SPOT manages hyper-optimized audience-based configurations by observing the data stream. This includes user behavior, site performance and demand partner responses. SPOT implementation results in as much as 40% reduction in demand bid volume with participation by twice as many bid partners while increasing net publisher revenue.

“Revenue generation is a complex process that involves evaluating billions of data points from publishers, site behavior and demand partners.” said Stephen Johnston Jr, PubWise Founder / CTO. “The PubWise Platform with SPOT lets publishers test demand partner opportunities automatically while protecting existing identified revenue sources. This results in benefits across the advertising ecosystem. Higher revenue for publishers, reduced cost and higher win rates for demand partners and better results for buyers.”

While reducing demand side infrastructure costs, SPOT increases win rates by ensuring demand partners are offered denser opportunities on preferred audiences. In addition, SPOT performs configuration error detection, ensuring inventory which would never display is removed in real time. SPOT increases publisher revenue by matching audiences to demand and ensuring interested demand partners are offered relevant impressions. SPOT allows publishers to evaluate, measure and manage a combination of demand partners and configurations beyond human capabilities. SPOT makes the PubWise platform the only AI machine-learning-driven Header Bidding Ad Server and is the culmination of two years of development that bridges a key configuration and yield management gap in the header bidding space.

About PubWise

Established in 2016, PubWise is the leading header bidding ad server that has developed a smarter, more comprehensive approach to header bidding. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company’s deep publishing experience has given it the foundation to innovate practical solutions that help today’s publishers navigate and compete in the complex world of digital advertising. Industry-leading header-bidding technologies powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning; the elimination of long set-up times; more granular real-time data analytics and best-in-class support all combine to provide a better way for publishers to increase revenues without any risk.

To learn more about PubWise’s solutions for publishers and demand partners, visit PubWise website, or follow on your preferred social media channel: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Contact: Rachael Johnston


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