PubWise Can Handle Your Multicurrency Header Bidding Needs

If your demand partners bid in United States’s Dollars (USD) but you’re based in a country that uses a different currency, configuring header bidding to manage USD and your home currency can quickly get complicated. Using DFP, PubWise supports header bidding in more than 30 currencies and we make it simple to get started.

Multicurrency Header Bidding

Multicurrency header bidding allows publishers to accept bids in USD and have it reflected in their home currency. This functionality makes reporting easier. Unfortunately, setting up multicurrency header bidding is difficult for a lot of publishers.

Currently, Prebid.js doesn’t directly support sites that have a need for multicurrency implementation. This leaves publishers with two options: Find an API that works or build out the entire functionality themselves.

Some multicurrency header bidding APIs out there will get you started, but they won’t auto-refresh foreign exchange rates. This means you have to manually update the exchange rate on each line item every day, or inside your header bidding script, to receive accurate bids.

There are other tools which might plug into Prebid, but increased latency is a side-effect of these so-called solutions. It does no good to have the ability to accept bids in a different currency if the value of the ad is demolished by latency. The other option you have as a publisher is to build it yourself. This requires an in-house development team that can handle implementation and ongoing management.

We Make Multicurrency Header Bidding Easier For You

We took our 20+ years of experience in development to craft a multicurrency solution that integrates seamlessly with our header bidding technology. All you have to do is tell us what currency you need to add and install one script to your website. We use a server-side setup so latency isn’t an issue for your demand sources or your users, and the foreign exchange rates in your line items update daily. You can rest easy knowing that your header bidding is up to date and accurately reflecting earned revenue.

The Currencies PubWise Supports

PubWise now supports DFP in the following 31 currencies:

  1. AUD – Australian Dollar
  2. BGN – Bulgarian Lev
  3. BRL – Brazilian Real
  4. CAD – Canadian Dollar
  5. CHF – Swiss Franc
  6. CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi
  7. CZK – Czech Koruna
  8. DKK – Danish Krone
  9. EUR – European Euro
  10. GBP – Pound Sterling
  11. HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
  12. HRK – Croatian Kuna
  13. HUF – Hungarian Forint
  14. IDR – Indonesian Rupiah
  15. ILS – Israeli New Shekel
  16. INR – Indian Rupee
  17. JPY – Japanese Yen
  18. KRW – South Korean Won
  19. MXN – Mexican Peso
  20. MYR – Malaysian Ringgit
  21. NOK – Norwegian Krone
  22. NZD – New Zealand Dollar
  23. PHP – Philippine Peso
  24. PLN – Polish Zloty
  25. RON – Romanian Leu
  26. RUB – Russian Ruble
  27. SEK – Swedish Krona
  28. SGD – Singapore Dollar
  29. THB – Thai Baht
  30. TRY – Turkish Lira
  31. ZAR – South African Rand
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