We’ve collected some answers to common questions our customers have. Need help with something but don’t see a solution listed here? Contact us. We’re happy to help.

What exactly does PubWise provide?

The fastest, easiest, completely transparent Header Bidder solution with epic reporting.

Who can benefit from PubWise?

Pubwise is the perfect tool for any online publisher using DFP and displaying ads. Whether you are a small independent publisher only using AdSense or an Ad Ops professional managing multiple sites, PubWise gets you into Header Bidding without any technical know-how and with one reporting system for all demand sources.

What kind of reporting does PubWise offer?

PubWise provides transparent, detailed reporting for your revenue and all of your Header Bidding bids, requests, responses, bids won down to the ad unit level.

Is PubWise just another ad network?

PubWise is not just another ad network. We only work with top demand sources such as OpenX, Index Exchange, Criteo, AOL and others to only bring Header Bidding demand to your site.

How hard is it to configure Pubwise on my site?

It’s not hard at all. We completely remove the complexity of Header Bidding setup by handling the entire process for you.The PubWise point-and-click interface provides a fully working script for your site. You can be operating in minutes.

What do I need to know about the technical aspects of implementation?

PubWise removes the need to manually configure Prebid.js or any other wrapper. The only thing you need to do is add the script we supply to your site.

How will PubWise/Header Bidding work with my current stack?

It runs seamlessly with your current setup. Header Bidding is set up above your current stack. PubWise requests bids from multiple demand sources. It then chooses the highest bid. That highest bid is passed to the ad server and if it beats your stack’s configured bids and/or AdX, then the Header Bidder wins that impression. If not, then your stack operates as it did before including any passbacks. As a result, Header Bidding will only help increase your revenue either with ads displayed by PubWise or by causing a lift in your stack eCPM since AdX competes with the max bid found by the Header Bidder.

We are a Header Bidding network created by and for publishers with zero risk to your current revenue.

What about my current demand sources?

You can still run your current demand sources in your stack. Header Bidding runs as a separate bidding process than your current stack.

What about direct campaigns?

You still own and maintain all of your ad inventory. Direct campaigns can be set up the same way you always have.

Do I still control how many ads run on my site and where the ads will be placed?

Yes! Nothing about that changes.

How long is my commitment?

You must agree to our Terms of Service and Billing Agreement, but you can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. We do not have any long term commitments because we know that the value of our product will shine through. If you feel PubWise isn’t the right fit for you, just let us know. No strings attached.

How long is a good test?

You are in complete control over how long you run PubWise. However, we strongly recommend at least 60 days of use so we can bring on all possible partners and you can properly see lift in your ad revenue.

When can I expect to see results?

It takes a few days once you have placed the PubWise script on your site for our partners to start coming online. Once they go live, you will start seeing bids and paid impressions immediately.

When do I get paid?

We pay on the 10th of each month after we have received payment from our demand sources.

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