Every Header Bidding Event Matters to PubWise Analytics

We recently had a customer ask us:

“Why does PubWise Analytics send more requests to your analytics servers than a competing analytics products?”

Because it’s the only way to be sure! This question is critical for understanding why PubWise Analytics achieves 98% accuracy. The reason is simple. Each of those analytics events is valuable, so we track each of them as they happen. This of course led to a critical second question.

“Doesn’t that cause more load on the browser? Latency is critical in header bidding!”

Nope! It actually reduces user impact and it doesn’t adversely impact the user’s browser. We use HTTP/2, which has key differences to HTTP1 including multiplexing and a single connection to send our events. The end result is better performance and lower user impact. Does it require more work for our severs? Yes, but that’s why we built PubWise Analytics. It’s a problem we’ll happily deal with. This of course led to further questions.

“Isn’t sending all of the events at once even better?”

We completely understand why you might think that, but users and environment can really cause issues with that approach. If a user navigates away, a transmission error occurs, or there is any unforeseen hiccup prior to transmitting the events then the entire page of transactions might be lost. PubWise Analytics treats each event as critical and we built our architecture and design with that in mind.

We’re building a Header Bidding analytics product you would be happy to pay for and that we would be proud to charge for. Currently, PubWise Analytics is free and we intend to always have a free service level.  Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

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