A Method for the Madness: Why We Created PubWise

There’s always that one thing you wish was just a little bit easier, whether it is creating an online platform, improving digital advertising strategy, or perfecting a corn souffle. A key part of success when tackling a new project (and not driving your head through the wall) is having the correct tools to achieve the desired results. But, sometimes the tools you need just aren’t there.

As a company, we’ve always focused on making complex programs or concepts easier for the general public to grasp. We create tools that people can use to make the trek towards their ultimate goal just a bit easier. PubWise is an extension of that mission.

We got our start in 2006 with Gamer Launch, a SaaS product that allows gamers to create their own microsites to manage guilds and teams for games like World of Warcraft and SMITE. Within that environment, we support more than 100,000 individual sites (complete with customizable features) and more than 600 games. We built out the system to make it easy for the average user to dive in and get started. Because, who really wants to struggle to understand the thing they know they need?

In 2013 we launched GameSkinny, a publishing platform that caters to gamers who want to write about the gaming industry but don’t have the time or ability to launch their own platform. We created a space where gaming enthusiasts can write for an established audience base, build their online writing portfolio, and get paid in the process. To date, we have more than 7,000 registered writers producing content for more than 3.3 million readers.

When we created PubWise, it was a continuation of our legacy of helping people accomplish the things that matter to them.

PubWise Meme

PubWise manages the entire header bidding technology for any website(s) including setup, updates and real-time optimizations powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. On top of that, it provides data analytics that are most valuable to publishers, including eCPMs, fill, revenue, variance, participation, and bidder latency. Needless to say, we were pretty satisfied with ourselves for ditching the frogs and building a prince from scratch.

Then, another glorious aha moment occurred; other publishers could use this, too.

Now, in keeping with our tradition of lending a helping hand, we want to help publishers with the header bidding headache. We know the frustration and the setbacks, and we used our experiences to create a product that makes header bidding simpler. Making complex things easy to use and easy to deploy is what we do.

In addition to making things easier, we also want to make sure that things are done right. We don’t believe in hidden bidding or manipulated revenue shares, because we know the damage it can cause to a publisher’s revenue. There’s no preferential treatment towards certain ad networks, and our software ensures the highest bid wins. We’re committed to fair auctions and complete transparency because, as publishers, it’s important to us.

So, whether you’re thinking about taking the plunge into header bidding or you’re desperately looking for a way to make sense of the tangled mess, we got your back.

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