We’re Making a Few Changes to PubWise Analytics Data Access

The PubWise mission is to provide publishers with completely transparent, robust header bidding insights that lead to actionable revenue optimization. Customers have enjoyed data collection without limitations so they can see the full value of our product.

Beginning on Tuesday November 28, 2017, PubWise will implement a data allowance for accounts using our free analytics platform, PubWise Analytics Lite. If you are a PubWise Monetization customer or an existing PubWise Analytics Pro customer, there will be no change–you can access all of your data as usual.

PubWise Analytics Pro is a valuable tool that provides accurate, real-time data based on monetization coming through the header. Our publisher-focused analytics show winning and losing data so you have a complete view of how your header bidding is performing.

As a one-time promotion, we’re offering a discount for those who would like to upgrade to PubWise Analytics Pro. Upgrade your account anytime between now and December 8, 2017, and you’ll receive an introductory discount of 50% off our already low rate of 1¢ per CPM, that’s 0.5¢ per CPM, for the next three months. Set up an appointment to get started.

We’ve included some answers below that delve into the specifics of the data allowance. Feel free to reach out to us with questions about your account specifically.

What is the Data Allowance and How is it Calculated?

While using the free version of our analytics product, data will be limited to 33,000 pageviews per day divided into 1,375 pageviews per hour for accurate sampling. Pageview allowance will reset at midnight UTC.

Why do you track data allowance by pageview but bill on eligible impressions?

A pageview allowance allows us to capture the entire pageview and all of its related data for session-based processing and other reporting that requires the entire capture of the pageview. On the billing side, we track by impression to provide a more granular system that more accurately aligns with cost. This allows us to capture the most complete data set and to provide billing that scales with usage.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Products?

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When we first announced our analytics product, we said we would build a product that we’d be proud to charge for and you’d be happy to pay for. We’d love for you to give PubWise Analytics Pro a try. If you have any questions, email us at support@pubwise.io. We’re happy to help.


Stephen Johnston, Jr. Founder/CTO

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