The Latest in GDPR Compliance and PubWise

Our goal at PubWise is to set you up for success with header bidding and GDPR. The team here at PubWise is available to assist with your GDPR compliance both by direct guidance as well as product updates.

No doubt by now you’ve seen 100 emails asking for you to re-subscribe, click a link or indicate your acceptance of marketing messages. GDPR goes into effect on May 25th and it’s going to upset the EU apple cart. At the core of GDPR is the requirement of consent for large swaths of types of data handling and processing. Consent is required to work with many advertising partners because of the ways in which they process data to maximize revenue. Fines for not following the rules of GDPR can be 4% of global revenue or 20 million euros.

In the next few days we are doing the following:

Launching Prebid 1.0

Prebid 1.0 fully supports handling consent through Prebid and will ensure that your revenue is maintained by passing consent data from your CMP. Our Prebid 1.0 functionality will be rolling out next week and rolled out in stages.

Enabling Consent Management Tools

We will be launching a consent management tool based on the IAB Framework that will allow you to easily acquire consent.

Specific Publisher Tools and Guidance

Our GDPR Roundup Blog post lists resources related to GDPR including the text of the regulation itself and technical resources for EU visitor detection. So you can properly determine when GDPR is in effect.

Updating Terms of Service (TOS) to Reflect GDPR Compliance

Currently, our Prebid Analytics product does not require specific consent from EU visitors due to how we process and handle data. We will be updating our TOS to reflect this.

Your Responsibilities

We are doing everything we can to make this transition successful, but ultimately it is incumbent on you to determine if the user requires GDPR related handling and to indicate to PubWise software that consent data needs to be acquired and passed. We’ll have the tools in place to help you accomplish this, but GDPR requires a review of other services too.

GDPR effects more than your PubWise services. For some of you, PubWise doesn’t manage the entire landscape of your advertising and all of your advertising relationships must be evaluated for GDPR compliance. GDPR is complex, when reduced down, it is your responsibility to determine the GDPR requirements for each user and respond accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding GDPR and its application please reach out to Rachael at Your success is our top priority.

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