PubWise Product Release – Version 4.0

Today we are releasing Version 4.0 of PubWise. This release is focused on UI performance and data organization. We’ve spent a lot of time finding opportunities to improve performance for very large datasets, while also providing deeper insight for everyone.

“Realtime” is Now “Today”

The realtime page has been upgraded to include more information about what is happening Today. The Today view focuses on revenue, custom segments, and the realtime auctions per minute graph. This page is realtime for the auctions per minute display and near realtime for everything else with a maximum of 30 minutes delay. New to the page is a revenue by hour and bidder graph.

Today Graph

Any custom segments that you create also display on the Today view. This is the new home of anything related to “Today” and we welcome feedback on how this can be even more powerful for you.

“Overview” is Now “Trends”

With “Today” focused on the here and now we’re refocusing the Overview page on longer range trends. Available is the same information as previously provided, but now the display is optimized for long date range trends. Under the hood we’ve organized the data to provide significantly more responsiveness when reporting on long date ranges for even the largest impression volumes.


Bidder timeout reporting has been moved to the Bidders page. This seemed a more appropriate location as you seek to determine bidder performance and behavior in general.

Segments (UTM Parameters)

Segment detail is now a dedicated page.

Automatic Segment Capturing

While evaluating how to make segments more useful, we determined that discovery of valuable segments was as important as reporting on the segments you’ve defined. The new Segments page automatically displays available segment data at the Source and Medium summary level for all segments available in your data. You can then create custom segments to report on sub-components of those segments including utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content.

New Segment UI

New Navigation Layout

To account for all of these changes we’ve update the navigation. This navigation layout accounts for the changes and expansion of page focus.

Other Changes

Date Selection

We’ve fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong date would be remembered and where timezones would not be accounted for. Note: Some users may experience an issue where they can’t select dates as far back as they should. That issue is on our hit list for next release.

Better Load Notification

Yes, we’ve added more spinners, but they’re more than that. The goal is more overall UI responsiveness and better user experience. Fundamentally, we’ve improved the way the UI communicates that it is loading data. We’ve included more spinner displays, but the UI is also more responsive to user interaction like changing date ranges.

We Love Feedback

Please use the Intercom widget in the Admin area or contact us via email at We love to hear your feedback!

Enjoy! The PubWise Team

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