The PubWise mission is to provide publishers with completely transparent, robust header bidding insights that lead to actionable revenue optimization. PubWise Analytics is structured to make header bidding data accessible and easy to understand.  Our publisher-focused analytics show winning and losing data so you have a complete view of how your header bidding is performing.

PubWise Analytics Lite
30 Day Historical Reporting
33,000 Page Views Per Day
Standard Reporting By:
Bidder Reporting
(Participation, Win Rate, Bid Rate)
Ad Position
Ad Size
Bid Landscape
Response Time
Basic Segmentation & UTM Campaign
Basic Content Analytics for
Top 25 Pages for 7 Days
Basic DFP Optimization
Real-time Reporting and
Additional Bid Detail Reports
Export Data to Run Your Own Analysis
PubWise Analytics Pro
$0.01 CPMs*
All of PubWise Lite Features
Unlimited Data Retention
Unlimited Historical Reporting
Unlimited Pageviews
Advanced Segmentation, Including:
All UTM Parameters
(Campaign, Source, Medium, Term, Content)
5 Custom Segmentation Parameters

*Discounts available by volume.

PubWise Analytics Lite is a free product available for publishers of all sizes. While using the free version of our analytics product, data will be limited to 33,000 pageviews per day divided into 1,375 pageviews per hour for accurate sampling. 

PubWise Analytics Pro is a valuable tool that provides unlimited accurate, real-time data based on monetization coming through the header. 

We’ve added some excellent new reporting features such as Overview in Bid Detail and an eCPM vs. Won Rate Chart that shows you how each demand partner is performing. Creating an account and getting started with PubWise Analytics takes less than fifteen minutes. We make viewing your Prebid analytics as simple as clicking a button. 


Get Started with PubWise Analytics

When we first announced our analytics product, we said we would build a product that we’d be proud to charge for and you’d be happy to pay for. We’d love for you to give PubWise Analytics a try. If you have any questions, email us at We’re happy to help.