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Eligible Impressions Impressions won by Header Bidder in CPM Eligible Impressions CPM    
From: To:
0 2M Free Free Revshare only on services provided Platform Fee + SaaS
2M 50M $0.055 $0.01 Starts at 20%  
50M 200M $0.048 $0.01 Volume Tiers Available
200M 500M $0.041 $0.01  
500M 1B $0.035 $0.01
1B 2B $0.032 $0.01
2B+   Contact Sales
*“Eligible Impressions” means any ads either bid on and served or bid on and rejected coming through the header bidder. It is not dependent on the number of bidders receiving requests. Example: 2 ad units with 10 bidders = 2 eligible impressions. 

Pricing as of 1/1/2024


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Analytics Pro is included with the Cloud, Managed, and Enterprise products. Add Analytics Pro if you are not using these products.