PubWise Analytics Pricing Benefits Successful Header Bidding Publishers

We’ve received a lot of questions concerning pricing on eligible impressions, and not won impressions. When launching PubWise this was one of the first pricing decisions we had to make. The reasons we price on eligible impressions are simple. 

First, our goal was to align our pricing to the total volume of value we provided at the impression level, not just won impressions. Second, header bidding optimization provides lift across your entire inventory. Using PubWise to improve your header bidding will put upwards pressure on the price for other revenue sources like our AdX offering or from your own programmatic stack. Third, we don’t believe that our pricing model should punish you for increasing your fill rate and your effectiveness with header bidding.

Regardless of the number of impressions you fill through header bidding, PubWise processes all of your impressions and helps you to not only improve your header bidding but your entire advertising stack.

Comparing Pricing Models at 20% Fill

The savings in higher fill scenarios start above 11% and rise from there.

Comparing Pricing Models at 50 Million Impressions with Growing Fill Rate

It’s one thing to compare pricing at different volumes, but as you become more successful with header bidding your fill rate will increase. 

What happens with our Eligible Impression pricing vs. Won Impression Pricing as your fill rate increases? See the chart below.


The Won Impression based pricing goes up continually as header bidding performs better. You’re essentially punished for using header bidding successfully. We think that’s wrong.

When selecting a header bidding analytics partner make sure you evaluate the specifics of the model in your situation. There are different pricing models in play and they are advantageous in different situations. If you have 50 million impressions and a 20% fill rate then Won-impression-based pricing could be significantly more expensive. The higher the fill rate the more likely this is true.

We’d love to help you with getting better header bidding analytics and talking about how we can best work for you! Contact us today and get started!

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