Header Bidding Wrapper Solutions

Complete Programmatic Management monetization for Prebid that seamlessly adapts to your needs.

Find out how PubWise’s Header Bidding Wrapper solutions can streamline the implementation of Prebid header bidding and keep you in control. You choose what works best for you: 

Complete Programmatic Management

for publishers of website and app monetization. Ensuring the highest return on every impression.

You’re Not On Your Own, But You Are In Control

You are in control of where your ads appear, and there is no DNS takeover or DNS changes.


Simple Implementation

a simple script that includes identity modules, timeouts, flooring management, and more.


Sophisticated Configuration

with customizable lazy load, refresh, sticky, and more.


Your Demand and Our Demand

or any combination of demand you desire

No Rev Share On Your AdX Demand If You Have Your Own,

but if you don’t we’ve got it!


Patented Machine Learning

applied through hyperautomation to adops to improve revenue and better the user experience.


Yield Management

to maximize revenue for all your audiences.

Work with PubWise however works best for you.

Access the most advanced programmatic advertising platform with the level of service and control you need. Use your demand or ours, deployed on your Google Ad Manager or ours.


Cloud Platform

Think of it as your “Prebid in a box” header bidding implementation. This is not just Prebid self-serve, this is cloud Prebid. Take full control of your revenue and implementation with 0 revshare.

With the PubWise technology, innovation meets performance seamlessly and efficiently for optimal results. 


Managed Service​

Partner with us to amplify your programmatic performance. We do it all! Complete management, flexible implementation, a dedicated success manager, transparent reporting and the technology to optimize every impression Beyond Human Capability®.



Set your whole team up for success with advanced enterprise features for large publishers or those with advanced needs. Includes advanced permissions, white label configurations, custom domains, additional reporting features, exports, and in-depth, comprehensive training.

Cloud Platform

"Prebid in a Box"

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Managed Wrapper

Full Programmatic Management

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Cloud Platform ++

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Simple Implementation
Customized Prebid Wrapper
SPOT ML Optimization
Ultra-fast Worldwide CDN
Analytics Pro
Day-to-Day Management self self
Support Docs & Email Account Manager White Glove
Qualifications Prerequisites Submit for Review Talk to Us
Commitment None 30 Days Contract
Pricing SaaS Revshare Platform Fee + SaaS

Cloud Platform

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Managed Wrapper

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Eligible Impressions Impressions won by Header Bidder in CPM Eligible Impressions CPM    
From: To:
0 2M Free Free Revshare only on services provided Platform Fee + SaaS
2M 50M $0.055 $0.01 Starts at 20%  
50M 200M $0.048 $0.01 Volume Tiers Available
200M 500M $0.041 $0.01  
500M 1B $0.035 $0.01
1B 2B $0.032 $0.01
2B+   Contact Sales
*“Eligible Impressions” means any ads either bid on and served or bid on and rejected coming through the header bidder. It is not dependent on the number of bidders receiving requests. Example: 2 ad units with 10 bidders = 2 eligible impressions. 



revenue increase







In AdTech, Faster Really is Better

You’ve probably heard us mention how our tech is faster than competitors. Well it’s no joke. It’s absolutely faster than our competitors and we have the research to prove it. Here we will walk through how we compare to other header bidding companies.


August 24th, 2021

Cloud Platform vs. Managed Wrapper vs. Enterprise: Understanding the Difference

PubWise surpasses expectations with our suite of header bidding products.  All designed to meticulously optimize ad operations, enhance performance, and drive revenue growth. 

Find out which option is best for you. 


March 28, 2024

“It’s just easy. PubWise sets it up. PubWise optimizes it. The technical part is running perfectly, our programmatic advertising is one part of the business that I don’t lose sleep over.”

– David Wieland, Owner