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PubWise can give you access to Google AdX demand with Google MCM, all with a simple integration that delivers results immediately.

Turnkey Access to Google AdX for Quality Publishers

Google Ad Exchange (AdX) is an ad exchange from Google that allows publishers to access demand from Google and other third-party sources. To get access to Google AdX, it is mandatory to have an account with Google Ad Manager. The eligibility criteria for AdX includes having brand-safe content, hosting ads.txt file, etc. To maximize revenue, publishers should optimize inventories, rules, leverage Opportunities and Experiments, and run header auctions. PubWise can assist with access to Google AdX via the MCM (Multi Customer Management) program and our status in the Google Channel Partner program.

AdX offers more advanced and sophisticated targeting options than AdSense, allowing publishers to better tailor their ad inventory to the relevant audience. In addition, AdX provides publishers with greater transparency, control, and customization over their ad inventory and campaign which helps optimize yield and maximize their returns from every impression. AdX is a powerful tool for maximizing fill rate and should be considered a part of a health programmatic ad stack. Using AdX will reduce ‘no-bids’ which in turn leads to higher revenue. Though AdX requirements for individual publishers usually require high impressions volumes PubWise iss able to use our MCM (Multiple Customer Management) account to onboard quality publishers of any volume.

Access Google AdX demand

CPM based advertising with high fill from Google's network of buyers

Competitive Rev Share

Any size publisher

our focus is on quality publishers regardless of size

Expert Management

our team of experienced programmatic advertising professionals is constantly vigilant



simple integration through MCM provides Manage Inventory and Manage Account connections

Stand alone product

we offer AdX as part of our header bidding platform and as a standalone offering


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Google Channel Partner

We help our clients get the most out of Google's AdX and advertising products

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Google AdX is a very powerful and essential programmatic advertising tool that every publisher needs, However, it’s often impossible for small- to mid-sized publishers and ad networks to gain access to AdX on their own because of Google’s strict criteria. At PubWise, we work with publishers and ad networks of all sizes, so we view this as another means to add value for a specific segment of online publishers.”

– Stephen F. Johnston, Jr., founder and CTO of PubWise