Programmatic Advertising Terms
& Acronyms Glossary

Programmatic Ad Terms

There is a TON of jargon in the programmatic advertising world. We’ve compiled this advertising glossary because sometimes you just need to know what a word (or acronym) means without digging around the internet.


Cookies, often referred to as HTML cookies, HTTP cookies, Internet cookies, or browser cookies, are small text files used to identify individual users browsing the web. Cookies allow each site to recognize a user as the same person that has visited the site before.
There are different types of cookies – technically similar, but with different permissions and usage.
A first-party cookie belongs to the owner of the website.
A third-party cookie belongs to someone other than the website owner.
While first-party cookies are here to stay, third-party cookies will soon be phased out. Google announced in 2021 that it will phase out third-party cookies for Chrome over the second half of 2023.

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