How to Get on Adx

If you rely on programmatic advertising, then you want to explore all of your options for monetization. A critical element to look at is Google AdX which is now integrated into DFP and the whole system rebranded as Google Ad Manager. Getting access to AdX can be challenging for many sites. There is no near-automatic process for AdX as there is for AdSense. Navigating the space is critical though, given the benefits that are possible for many publishers.

AdX has a history of high end performance in the programmatic space. Though the differences between AdX and Adsense have been reduced over time (the limitation on adunits in AdSense is no more for instance) the ability to control floors, create PMPs, and to have access to CPM based inventory provides revenue maximization opportunities for many sites.

So, how do you get an account? Well, you either get one directly through Google and your Google Account manager, or you work through a Partner.

Google Account Manager Path

The first path requires approval and invite from a Google Representative. It also typically requires a lot of traffic and a quality site that strictly adheres to Google’s policies. There is no set amount in terms of traffic size, but it is well into the millions of page views. Once you’ve passed the Google evaluation, you get your own account with full control and ultimately your own responsibility for making it work well!

Scaled Partner Path

The other option available is going through a Scaled Partner Manager. Google used to refer to Scaled Partners as Network Partner Managers. This system is equivalent to a professional partner network for Ad Manager and AdX. You work with a Scaled Partner who gets you access, via their own account to the AdX inventory. This allows publishers of any size who cannot get their own account, but who have quality traffic, to get access to AdX. Dynamic allocation, first look and other units such as native & video inventory can also be provided through a Scaled Partner. The way that the Scaled Partner works with you may vary, but PubWise works with our publishers on a small revenue share.

You can learn more about AdX contact us to get started.

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