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You work hard to engage your audience. Now turn that effort into more revenue with self-serve access to unique, direct-sold campaigns and major demand sources.

No sales pitches, no waiting. Just quality demand and more revenue…plus a whole lot of other programmatic goodness!

What’s wise about our bidder? Plug in and find out!



Get started in minutes with easy setup and no pre-approval requirement, since our tech prevents bidding on invalid traffic.

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Patented Optimization

Smart Path Optimization Technology (SPOT) finds the optimal match for every impression.

Unique Demand

Access incremental demand through our DSP and direct sold campaigns.

Free Analytics

Advanced header bidding analytics with dedicated support and unified reporting across display, video and native formats.

“By opening access to our demand on a self-serve basis, now publishers who run their own prebid can see for themselves why we’re so excited about the ability for our AI-driven programmatic management technology to improve their revenue effectiveness.”

– Stephen Johnston, Jr.Founder and CTO

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Our bidder is only the beginning

Self-serve access to our bidder is just the first step toward a wiser world of programmatic. Now it’s easier than ever to engage with the industry’s most advanced programmatic management and optimization platform.

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Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Create an account and add the bid adapter to your existing wrapper to see how our unique demand compares to your current partners. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Work with PubWise however works best for you. If you’ve got questions, or are interested in a full-managed or enterprise solution, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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