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Header Bidding Analytics that Provide Actionable Insight

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Let’s be honest, header bidding reporting can be just as rough as implementation. From soliciting reports from demand partners to making sense of it all in a spreadsheet, analytics isn’t easy. 

So, we figured we’d tackle that, too.

The PubWise Analytics Platform is available for free via Prebid or manual download for publishers of all sizes. It makes viewing your Prebid analytics as simple as clicking a button. It’s a separate but complimentary product to our PubWise Monetization Service and a handy tool that will help you dominate header bidding through data analytics. We also have a paid service level called Analytics Pro. You can view pricing here.

Content Analytics

Our Top Monetized Content report tracks the top-performing pages on your site in terms of pageviews and provides data points specific to that page. At a glance, you can view number of bids won, page CPMs, ad unit CPMs, and total revenue. It's the first publisher tool to track header bidding content analytics.

DFP Optimization Reporting

With the 7-Day DFP Optimization report, you can see the highest and lowest bids from all of your bidders in one place and use it to optimize your price priorities and check for configuration errors. With our Line Item Configuration report, you can see how many bids you receive that are above your maximum line item value.

PubWise Analytics
PubWise Content Analytics and DFP Optimization reporting in action.

Accessible Data

Knowing how your header bidding is performing is as simple as logging into your PubWise dashboard. You can view your site metrics individually or as a group to get the most important information at a glance.

Detailed Reporting

For deep insight, break down reporting by demand partner, div id, device and more with the click of a button. It's easy to slice and dice reporting the way you need it.

Actionable Insight

Use your data to optimize inventory, identify discrepancies by demand partners, and guard against latency. Complete transparency is the name of the game.

Transparent Prebid Analytics

We know how much is at stake when analytics are murky. We built our analytics platform to benefit publishers and help them better manage their header bidding strategy.

Completely Demand Agnostic

We don't play favorites. No preferential treatment towards certain ad networks, and we show you any discrepancies between different reporting sources.

Ready to Get Started?

Implementing PubWise Analytics to manage your Prebid analytics takes the same amount of time as brewing a pot of coffee. It’s easy to set up and even easier to navigate. To access PubWise Analytics, create an account in our system.