AdX, now part of Google Ad Manager, is the most powerful programmatic advertising tool available from Google. Via Network Partner Management, PubWise can connect you to Ad Manager and add this powerful tool to improve your monetization options. Certain criteria apply, but quality sites of all sizes are eligible. Use the form below to contact us and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Ad Manager was recently rebranded to include what was previously known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange or AdX.

Just What is Ad Exchange/AdX?

AdX is similar to AdSense and includes all AdSense inventory, but provides these key additions.

  • Access to more deal types
    • PMP deals (Private Marketplace)
    • Private Auction
    • Preferred Deals
  • CPM based inventory
  • Access to First Look
  • Flooring Control

Why get AdX through PubWise?

  • Setup AdX for dynamic allocation (this isn’t available from all Scaled Partner Managers)
  • Work with our in-house AdX experts
  • Direct access through PubWise to AdX inventory
  • Run AdX alone, pair with our Header Bidding Analytics or use with our Managed Wrapper to maximize revenue

Get Started Today

This system is equivalent to a professional partner network for AdX. You work with a Scaled Partner who gets you access, via their own account to the AdX inventory. This allows publishers who cannot get their own account, but who have quality traffic, to get access to AdX. The way that the Scaled Partner works with you vary, but PubWise works with our publishers on a small revenue share.

Interested in adding Ad Exchange to your revenue mix? Contact us to learn more or get started!

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