No matter what your current setup looks like, implementing header bidding on your site can improve the performance of your programmatic ad operations.

Instant Configuration

The PubWise point and click interface provides a fully working script for you. We completely remove the complexity of header bidding setup. You can be operating in minutes. There is no need to manually configure Prebid.js or any other wrapper to add header bidding partners. We handle the entire process for you.

Transparent Analytics

Because we’re publishers ourselves, we know how important it is to be completely informed. With PubWise, there’s no hidden bidding or manipulated revenue shares. No preferential treatment towards certain ad networks and our software ensures the highest bids win. As a publisher, you can get a better picture of how much your inventory is worth on the market and adjust your floor pricing accordingly.

Powerful Reporting

One of the greatest challenges with header bidding is quality reporting in one place. With essential reporting at a global level all the way down to individual units, PubWise provides detailed reporting for all of your header bidding bids, requests, responses, bids won and more. You’ll never have to wonder how your inventory is performing.

Increase Your CPMs

Our header bidding solution is entirely focused on CPM maximization. Our header technology only operates when it can beat your current advertising, and you don’t have to replace anything you are currently using. Receive bids from buyers who have a stronger interest in your inventory and who may be willing to pay a higher price for it.

Skip the Waterfall

Header bidding allows you to reach multiple advertisers at the same time and the highest bid wins. Anyone who wants your inventory has an ability to bid, and this protects publishers from leaving money on the table. It takes less time and protects the value of your impressions.

Absolutely Risk Free

We are the only network created by and for publishers with zero risk to your current revenue. You don’t have to roll the dice on testing network after network with substandard performance. We are completely network agnostic and work with top demand sources to bring the header bidding demand to your site. There is no long-term contract. If you don’t like the results, turn us off.


PubWise Offers a New Approach to Header Bidding Implementation and Analytics

[Press Release] Atlanta publisher creates a plug-and-play header bidding solution and analytics platform to help publishers increase their ad revenue.

Tracking header bidding discrepancies

Header Bidding Discrepancies Can Kill Revenue: How to Keep it Healthy

Header bidding discrepancies are the difference between what your analytics report and what the demand partner reports.