No matter what your current setup looks like, navigating the complex world of digital advertising can be difficult. This is why we created PubWise. 

As publishers ourselves, we’re privy to all of the frustrations and obstacles. From being “too small” to access larger exchanges to struggling with implementation across larger sites, we know what a headache digital ad operations can be. We’ve simplified ad operations, so you can increase website monetization and decrease your stress level.

If you haven’t thought about entering the realm of header bidding, there’s no time like the present to get started. At PubWise, we take the difficulty out of getting started with header bidding technology with plug-and-play implementation. You get awesome reporting at a global and individual level, a comprehensive system that takes less time to manage, and epic support. We have the tech all figured out, and it’s pretty awesome. We figured a few others (like you) would appreciate it, too.

We’re all about ensuring that demand sources have equal opportunity for inventory and that the demand source with the best price wins. Our software prevents bidding manipulation from occurring and guarantees a diversity of demand sources. Couple this with complete transparency via reporting and configuration, and publishers can see the complete landscape of their header bidding setup to make the most informed decisions.

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