What is Header Bidding?
Header Bidding is an aspect of Programmatic selling — where a lot of the work that connects buyers and sellers is automated. Essentially, a publisher with digital ad space on their website alerts multiple buyers at the same time who then bid their best price to fill said space. The highest bidder wins the spot, and their ad is displayed in the ad unit. This is all completed via code and adservers within a matter of milliseconds.

Header Bidding is an answer to the problems publishers encountered with the traditional waterfall structure, in which publishers offer impressions to one vendor at a time, while the value of the ad decreases as they go further down the buyer chain.

Whom does Header Bidding benefit?
Although Header Bidding mostly benefits publishers, buyers and users also benefit from this system of ad management, too.

The traditional waterfall structure tended to be a good-old-boy network, where buyers who spent the most money usually got first pick of all the ads. This kept other buyers (who would have paid more for the ad or had a better matched audience) from having a chance to bid at all. Header Bidding evens the playing field because everyone (regardless of size) bids at the same time.

Header Bidding offers benefits to your users, too. Under the traditional waterfall structure, publishers had to run down a list of buyers which resulted in longer page load times (also known as latency). In the world of high-speed internet and microwaves, if there’s one thing people hate it’s waiting. If a page took too long to load because the publisher’s adserver was desperately running down a list of buyers, the user may exit out of the page before the process is complete (which means money and opportunity lost for the publisher.) Header Bidding expedites the bidding process for all parties, and results in lower latency for users. Additionally, with Header Bidding, users receive ads that are better targeted to their interests which means they are much more likely to engage with them.

Well if Header Bidding is so great, why isn’t everyone using it?
Even though Header Bidding adds tremendous value for publishers, it is complicated to implement. Not only do publishers have to have the know how to create more than 2000 line items, they have to manage it so that they don’t mess up the rest of the setup process. For those who don’t have a savvy in-house development or ad operations team, Header Bidding requires time and resources to set up correctly.

Fortunately, the immense value that Header Bidding presents outweighs the difficult start up, and PubWise specializes in Header Bidding implementation and reporting. PubWise completely automates header bidding setup for your website and gets rid of the hassle of coding thousands of line items or setting up reporting configuration.

In Closing
If you haven’t entered the realm of Header Bidding, it is the next necessary step to increase revenue on your website. Though set up may seem daunting, it’s widely agreed that the cost benefits outweigh the complexity of implementation.

Whether you’re new to Header Bidding or your looking for more robust reporting for your current Header Bidding strategy, PubWise can help you. We are the premier network created by and for publishers with plug-and-play implementation. We offer zero risk to your current revenue so there are no downsides to signing up with PubWise, only the potential to earn more.

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